We believe in a well rounded program so Emmanuel Christian School is proud to offer Art, Music, Spanish and Physical Education as part of our package.  The focus is not solely concentrated on academic subjects.  As it relates to educating the whole student, we place a significant value on the added classes that sets ECS apart from other schools.

Specials at ECS

Music has been proven to be tied to improved academic performance.  The real key is “quality music education”.  ECS has worked to enhance the music program to match the academic program.

  • Skill sets:  reading, listening, describing, valuing, performing

  • Music theory and music history

  • Music appreciation through different genre of music


Art – Focusing on the 7 Elements of Art, sometimes called the building blocks of art, this platform allows for students to appreciate, analyze, write and talk about, and create art!  Included are lessons in art history, artists, art appreciation and fun. 


  • Color

  • Form

  • Line

  • Shape

  • Texture               

  • Values

  • Space

Physical Education (PE) – Recognizing the connection between physical activity and the effect on the health and well-being of students, the physical education program at ECS is designed to provide age appropriate physical activity for a total of one hour per week.  The program encompasses the following:

  • Locomotor skills – hopping, running, skipping

  • Non-locomotor skills – balance, weight transfer

  • Manipulative skills – throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, jumping rope

  • Movement concepts – space, pathways, speed, direction, force, muscular tension

  • Fitness knowledge

  • Physical activity knowledge

  • Nutrition

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Safety

  • Working with others

  • Enjoyment!

 Students are introduced to the Spanish language through different levels of Spanish.   Each class combines listening, speaking, reading, and writing to practice using the Spanish language.  Our program is further supplemented with music, field trips, and projects.

Every student at Emmanuel Christian School attends Chinese language lessons offered as a special subject, from Pre-K to high school. Chinese is frequently listed as a favorite class among our students, and for good reason. Several faculty and staff come to ECS from churches in China, where they honed a highly developed curriculum for teaching Chinese as a second language to elementary and secondary students. Over time, students learn all the fundamentals: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.