One of the pillars at ECS is our missions emphasis.  The message Jesus left in Matthew 28:20 is clear - we are to go and tell the world!  In being aligned with the Emmanuel Baptist Church mission, "United with Christ to advance God's kingdom for His glory", we plan fund raising events that are "kid-centric" so that they have a tangible part in giving.


Charities we are involved in:

  • SBC Disaster Relief

  • Samaritan's Purse

  • Emmanuel Baptist Church Food Pantry

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Student Life



We have chapel once a week for the student body.  Our chapel services integrate music, Bible stories, Bible lessons, prayer, and pledges.  


We have special guest speakers and those that will lead in worship.  The Pastors and leadership of Emmanuel Baptist Church take a lead in the spiritual development of our faculty, staff, and student body.

Summer Camp


Summer camp is an integral part of ECS!  We carry on the mission of partnering with families to provide a safe, educational, and fun venue to have an amazing summer.  


We have many activities including:

  • Field trips

  • Daily chapel

  • Crafts

  • Projects

  • Pool days

  • Challenges